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parents →     John Morris Conn     and     Jane Bonar

siblings →     Henry Conn     and     James Conn    and     Archie Conn     and     Joe Conn     and     Mary Conn    and     John Conn    and     William J. Conn     and     Tom Conn    and     Ann Conn    and     Nancy Conn    and     Richard Conn     and     Walter G. Conn     and     Frank Conn

      Charles J. Conn      

1862      -       after 1930

Charlie Conn went out west with $100. About 1893, livinge in Montana, he sent a nice postcard to W. J. Conn (Walter) in Kemptville, Ontario. Walter was left managing the farm with his parents and brother, Richey.
The picture shows Charlie, Walter, and Henry in 1880.
Charlie immigrated to the US in 1885 (or 7). In 1910 he is found in Fergus, Montana owning a farm and with two servants.
In 1930 he was living in El Monte township in Los Angeles.

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