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parents →     Homer V. Baird     and     Alberta Charlotte Bealey

siblings →     Mary Carolyn Baird

      Donald George Baird      

1946 March 15      -       unknown

He donated a microfilmed copy of Father Henry's book to Disciples of Christ Historical Society.

From North Canton Community Christian Church:
Elder Thomas Henry (1798-1879) Thomas Henry, "Christian minister, York pioneer, and soldier of 1812" was a pioneer of the Christian Church movement inCanada. Beginning in 1825, Bro. Henry came under the influence of the teachings of the Campbells, and was soon a strong advocate for the restoration movement in Ontario. A farmer and lay preacher, "Bishop" Henry established 17 congregations in and around Oshawa, Ontario, but his influence reached far beyond that harbor town. He traveled extensively throughout Ontario, Upstate New York, and northeastern Ohio, sharing the Restoration message. Rev. Henry put his faith into action, assisting run away slaves in the underground railroad. He both harbored the fugitive slaves, and sometimes crossed Lake Ontario to New York to carry them into freedom in Canada. Six of Father Henry's twelve sons moved their young families to Southern California, carrying the Christian message with them, and establishing the village of Ontario, California. Spiritual and biological descendants of Mr. Henry are to be found in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), The United Church of Christ, and the United Church of Canada. Thomas Henry is the Great Great Grandfather of our pastor, Dr. Don Baird.

married →       Anne Cummings     date of marriage →     1968 June 14

married →       Leslie Jean Reinman     date of marriage →     June 29, 1974

Zachary Edward Baird     and     Joshua Thomas Baird     and     Micah William Baird     and     Noelle Lynne Baird

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