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parents →     John Morris Conn     and     Jane Bonar

siblings →     Henry Conn     and     James Conn    and     Archie Conn     and     Joe Conn     and     Mary Conn    and     John Conn    and     William J. Conn     and     Tom Conn    and     Ann Conn    and     Nancy Conn    and     Richard Conn     and     Walter G. Conn     and     Charles J. Conn

      Frank Conn      

about 1852      -       1897 July 20

Obituary Frank Conn July 20, 1897

A telegraph dispatch on Thursday last conveyed to Mr. and Mrs. John Conn the very sad announcement of the death of their eldest son. Frank was a native of this village, spent his boyhood days here, learned the harness making trade with Mr. Cochrane and consequently was well known to many of our readers. But like the majority of young men he had a longing for some distant land and wended his way westward. For several years he has been a resident of Montana and it was from Missoula, a town west of Helena, that death claimed him as it's victim. The particulars of his demise are unknown further than heart trouble was the immediate cause.

His last request was that his remains be sent home for burial and so they were but unfortunately they have been delayed and only arrived here yesterday forenoon, coming by way of Chicago, Detroit, Smith's Falls and Ottawa. They were met at the 9.25 am train and conveyed to the family residence, where they were viewed by the affectionate and aged parents as well as brothers and friends. Rev. Mr. McDiarmid conducted a short funeral service at 2 o'clock, after which the remains were interred in the new Public Cemetery.

It was a dark day in Mr. Conn's home. As far as human sympathy can assist, the bereaved ones have the help of many. The deceased was 46 years of age.

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