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parents →     Henry Conn     and     Sarah Ann Restorick

siblings →     Mary Doris Conn     and     Jean Bonar Conn     and     John Maurice Conn

      Henry Bonar Conn      

1906 August 18      -       1982 June 7

Pte. Henry Conn, R.C.E., who recently volunteered for active service and is at present stationed at the Records Dept, Military HQ, Wolesley Barracks, London. Pte. Conn spent the past four years at Barranca Bermeja, South America, where he was employed by the Tropical Oil Company.

Red Wilson, "The Observer," June 16, 1982: Henry Bonar Conn died recently at Sarnia General Hospital. Hank Conn's passing broke another thread with a past crowded with pleasant memories; of days that were simpler, perhaps but never lacking in friendliness and time to enjoy simpler things all too missing today. Our memories of the Conn family go back beyond Hank. It was his father who was school inspector of an area which included School Section No. 12 (better known as North School) and it was his dad who sent me, on a one-cent printed postcard, my marks when I passed and moved out of elementary school into the upper realms of high school in Forest. Hank came later on. We recall him mainly from the early days of the old Sarnia Yacht Club - long before it became formal and took over its present quarters at what was an abandoned gravel pit where Charlie Grace's dad sold massive tons of gravel .. formality was a thing unknown when Hank was a member and later a commodore of the club. This did not mean that Sarnia's top sailor could not don the accoutrements and dignity of his office when he visited the swanky Detroit clubs as their guest."

married →       Margaret Diver     date of marriage →     195?

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