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parents →     John Morris Conn     and     Jane Bonar

siblings →     James Conn    and     Archie Conn     and     Joe Conn     and     Mary Conn    and     John Conn    and     William J. Conn     and     Tom Conn    and     Ann Conn    and     Nancy Conn    and     Richard Conn     and     Walter G. Conn     and     Charles J. Conn     and     Frank Conn

      Henry Conn      

1868 May 3      -       1962 October 19

A highly-esteemed former pioneer of school inspection in this area, Henry Conn Sr. was school inspector in West Lambton County and the city of Sarnia for more than 40 years and is remembered for his kindly encouragement of teachers and students alike. He retired in 1939. He was an honorary member of the Rotary Club, a member of Victoria Lodge 56 AF and AM, and received his 50-year jewel in 1960. One of the oldest members of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, he served on the Board of Sessions for many years.

married →       Sarah Ann Restorick     date of marriage →     16 Apr 1900

Mary Doris Conn     and     Jean Bonar Conn     and     John Maurice Conn     and     Henry Bonar Conn

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