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1811      -       1905 March 25

RE: THE MACKIE FAMILY (written by Edwin Mackie Henry, father of Richard Conn Henry, in 1967). At Xmas time 1967 I called to see Ina Morrow who is about 95 years of age, and she and her daughter Jeanette, discussed at some length the history of both "The Mackie Family" and the "Davidson Family" They said that the Davidson Farm was known as "Cairndale" near Glasgow, Scotland, and that Barbara [sic] Davidson, a daughter of that family came to Ontario in 1832 and the trip took three weeks. She was known to Ina Morrow (formerly Haegerman) as "Grandma Mackie" and she apparently married grandfather Mackie after she came to Ontario. this point should be clarified as she may have married before she came out. In any event her husband, grandfather Mackie, died at the age of 42 and she lived to be 95 years of age, and they lived just east of Oshawa in Harmony, Ont., and the old farm house may still be there but the farm property was taken over many years ago by The Seventh Day Adventists. There were 6 sons and 1 daughter of the marriage, one of the sons was Alec Mackie, and he was the father of Louise and May Mackie and George Mackie. 4 of the other sons were known as George, Alec [sic], Robert and William, and William was the oldest. The daughter was known as Jane Mackie and she married Chris Haegerman and they were Ina Morrow's mother and father. Ina Morrow pointed out that in connection with the farm operation they brought Hereford cattle to Canada. Ina also mentioned that a Dr. Corbett who lived in Port Hope told her many years ago that "Grandma Mackie" all her life following the age of 42 had taken morphine and "that she had never increased the dose" and it never did her any harm, and he never knew of any one else who had ever done such a thing without increasing the dose and causing harm. They also said that Grandma was in very good health until she died and that for many years she smoked a pipe. She was also quite a card player. May Mackie, a daughter of Alex Mackie, who died about 10 years ago, went to Scotland some years before her death with the express purpose of visiting the "Cairndale Farm" and she went to the Registry Office and Local Post Office and found elderly people that had some knowledge of the Davidson Family and able to identify the farm, and I believe she brought heathre back that she had picked on the farm.

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