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parents →     Henry Conn     and     Sarah Ann Restorick

siblings →     Henry Bonar Conn     and     John Maurice Conn     and     Mary Doris Conn

pets →    Jock Conn (Pet)

      Jean Bonar Conn      

1903 January 7      -       1992 January 7

The Conns came from County Antrim in Ireland, and settled in Kemptville, Ontario, which is halfway between Ottawa and Ogdensberg, NY. Jean Conn was at one time a statistician. Jean was from Sarnia, Ontario, and graduated from University College, University of Toronto. When she was young, Jean had a pet dog called Jock

married →       Edwin Mackie Henry QC     date of marriage →     1938 January 1

Richard Conn Henry     and     William Mackie Henry     and     Edwin John Henry

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