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parents →     unknown    and     unknown

      John Morris Conn      

1824 December 24      -       1902 October 10

John Morris Conn taught school in Ireland (Ballymean = Ballymea). He moved to Ontario from Ireland in 1850. According to the 1871 Canadian census he was a school teacher with residence in Oxford in the Leeds and Grenville district of Ontario. He died of heart failure at age 78.

His homepage shows the Conn farm in Kemptville; please click to identify the people.

Thanks to Mary Ann Carss, we have learned that the farm is still there! You can locate it in Kemptville!

You can also see the Conns in the 1851 Census;
here is a magnified view of the names!

Last but not least, recent photos of the Apple Barn and the Conn Farm house.

married →       Jane Bonar     date of marriage →     unknown

Henry Conn     and     James Conn    and     Archie Conn     and     Joe Conn     and     Mary Conn    and     John Conn    and     William J. Conn     and     Tom Conn    and     Ann Conn    and     Nancy Conn    and     Richard Conn     and     Walter G. Conn     and     Charles J. Conn     and     Frank Conn

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