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parents →     Nathaniel Abbey     and     Mary Winters

siblings →     Ann Abbey    and     Rosana Abbey    and     Nathaniel Abner Abbey    and     Dorcas Abbey     and     Jane Abbey    and     Orrin Abner Abbey    and     unknown    and     unknown

      Lurenda Abbey      

1806 May 24      -       1888 March 25

Picture: Oshawa Historical Society

Second picture: The portrait of Lurenda at Henry House in Oshawa.
Second picture credit: Dawn Henry

married →       Father Henry     date of marriage →     1830 November 2

Eliza Jane Ann Henry     and     James Orrin Henry     and     Phineas Workman Henry     and     Albert Nathaniel Henry     and     Elizabeth Ann Henry     and     Joseph Gorham Henry     and     Jesse Ezra Henry     and     Clarissa Ann Henry     and     William Thomas Henry     and     Jennie Lurenda Henry

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