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from Rod Blair:

James Henry married Nancy Ellis the daughter of squire William Ellis of Waterloo County in Upper Canada.

William Ellis lived in Pennsylvania, USA with the Mennonites for about 8 years. He travelled to Hespeler in Waterloo County, Upper Canada with a wagon train in 1810 with his family of 7 children.

Colonel Beasley, who owned Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, Upper Canada, bought Block 2 of the Grand River from Joseph Brant the Mohawk Indian Chief which included Hespeler. He appointed William Ellis the first Magistrate for Waterloo County. He also appointed him Captain of the 4th Gore Militia in 1820 under Sir Alan McNabb also of Dundurn Castle. William Ellis applied for a 100 acre land grant in 1816 because he served as a sergeant in the Second York Militia, Second Flank Company in the Battle of Lundy's Lane.

James Henry and Nancy Ellis moved to the Clergy Reserve of Puslinch south of Guelph Ontario in 1832 and bought a farm. James chaired the first meeting of the Township of Puslinch standing on a beech tree stump. William Ellis was responsible for moving the Court House to Guelph in the 1840s as a Magistrate.

James son David moved to Peel Township, Ontario, Canada and bought a 200 acre farm in 1854.

David married Eliza Pallister of Puslinch.

David's son John married Lillie Corbitt of Maryborough Township, Ontario, Canada.

John's daughter Willena married Norman Blair of Arthur, Ontario.

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