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parents →     John Morris Conn     and     Jane Bonar

siblings →     Henry Conn     and     James Conn    and     Archie Conn     and     Joe Conn     and     Mary Conn    and     John Conn    and     William J. Conn     and     Tom Conn    and     Ann Conn    and     Nancy Conn    and     Walter G. Conn     and     Charles J. Conn     and     Frank Conn

      Richard Conn      

1870 July 13      -       unknown

"Uncle Dick" Conn, brother of Henry Conn. (N. Johnston, Photographer and Ferreotyper, Kemptville, Ont.)
In 1910 Richey and Walter were still on the farm in Kemptville, Ontario with their mother, Jane. Jane made Richard promise not to marry until after her death. Hence he only married late in life. He was married in Kaslo, BC at the home of Eliza's brother, Sam Hunter. From there they took a cruise to CA where her other brothers lived. Then back to Kemptville where they remained until their deaths.

married →       Catherine E. Hunter    date of marriage →     1921 October 31

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