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C&T Implementation Plan Progress

Shall we try a new push, starting in 2009, for 2012 implementation?

Well, 2006 January 1 was yesterday, and here we are!

An interesting experience, but hard to know what to do next. Welcome indeed to Guido van Poucke, MD, our new Vice-President for Belgium, appointed today! Where do we go from here? I confess that I do not know. The first phase was creating this web site, which I naively thought would do the trick, but nothing happened. Then Lisa had me do a press release, with enormous success (that is how we recruited all our Vice-Presidents, except for Jess Cully, who has been with us almost from the beginning). But, the success has not resulted in any real action to cause implementation.

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Subscribe to Worth Magazine! They published us, in their 2005 May issue (page 48)!

What is the date and time right now?

The International Association for 2006

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President: Dick Henry
Vice-President for England: Jess Cully
Vice-President for Northern Ireland: Geraldine Fennell PhD
Vice-President for the state of Georgia, USA: Carl D. Bassett
Vice-President for the state of Missouri, USA: Thomas E. Williams
Vice-President for Columbia, South America: Gustavo A. Lozano
Vice-President for the state of Virginia, USA: Richard Moormann
Vice-President for Pakistan: Tafseer Ahmed
Vice-President for India: Shriramana Sharma
Vice-President for the state of New York, USA: Todd Welfelt
Vice-President for the state of Minnesota, USA: Ryan Wiedewitsch
Vice-President for Poland: Janusz Gerszberg
Vice-President for the state of Washington, USA: Jules James
Vice-President for the state of North Carolina, USA: John Mattox
Vice-President for the state of Connecticut, USA: Dave Lovelace
Vice-President for Holland: Sjoerd van Leeuwen
Vice-President for Scotland: Fiona Jaap
Vice-President for Mexico: Angel Mendoza
Vice-President for the state of California, USA: Puneet Gandhi
Vice-President for the state of South Dakota, USA: David G. Thornton
Vice-President for Germany: Wolfgang Kersten
Vice-President for Denmark: JËrgen F. Bak
Vice-President for the state of Colorado, USA: Arorë Turulambië
Vice-President for Japan: Shimpei Sunaga
Vice-President for the state of New Jersey, USA: Joe Budelis
Vice-President for the state of Pennsylvania, USA: Walter Dunn
Vice-President for Hungary: Bognár András
Vice-President for Belgium: Guido van Poucke, MD
Vice-President for Sweden: Mattias Huselius

Hi folks, world wide!

I'm Dick Henry, a Professor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore,
and I can't devote a lot of time to calendar reform!

But I have become convinced that the world will be a (marginally) better place if we really implement the C&T Calendar, world wide, on 2006 January 1, and so I'm willing to help in accomplishing this. I hope you'll join me in this ... millions of you.

I did present a PAPER on the subject at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2004 January.

I also presented the same paper privately on 2004 January 4 (= 2004 January 1 C&T) to the Council of the American Astronomical Society, with the request that they endorse adoption of C&T. They have my request now under consideration.

At the end of my Council presentation there were just two questions asked:
1) "How would the cost compare with the Y2K cost?" and I answered that the cost would be comparable, and "one time only."
2) "In your heart of hearts, do you really think this reform could possibly be implemented by 2006 Jan 1?"
I didn't answer that last one very well. I really don't know the answer. It is natural to think it to be impossible (I think that is what the questioner felt), but on the other hand we now have the power of the internet. It is really YOU who will decide whether this is possible or not.

If you are a PC user, you might like to visit the web site of our Vice President for Poland, Janusz Gerszberg for his C&T software.

What if we MISS 2006 January 1 Sunday?

The C&T Calendar: Always the same, but here with Gregorian Dates indicated:








(The day of the week is always the same as in the Gregorian Calendar)
You can start using the C&T calendar right now; you don't have to wait until 2006

If you would like to appear on this page as Vice-President for YOUR country (or your State/Province, in the case of USA/Canada), just send me an email (and give me permission to post your email address here).
There is no membership fee, however if you want to mail me a US-dollar check (=cheque), you may (12515 Meadowood Drive, Silver Spring, MD 21218 USA). Your donation is NOT tax deductible (for you or for me), but I will use the funds only to promote C&T. Update: Your donation is now tax-deductible through the new Henry Foundation, Inc. (Just put a note "calendar" on the check, and make the check payable to The Henry Foundation, Inc.) Finally, a word to supporters of rival calendars. Please switch your support to C&T. With C&T you get all of the benefit of your alternative calendar, plus hope that we could get actual implementation. The key is compatibility of C&T with the Fourth Commandment of the Bible. I am not religious myself, but I recognize that calendars with "blank days" and such will simply never be implemented.

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