Rowland-Wood Symposium

John Strong

H. Keffer Hartline

E. O. Hulburt

Arthur E. Ruark

Verne Muffoletto, maker of optics

John G. Sanderson, physicist

Shirleigh Silverman

Sally H. Dieke

Richard T. Cox

William G. Fastie

Milton F. Nemec (see acknowledgements at end of Fastie paper)

J. A. Bearden, JHU Physics Professor

Jack Taylor, Physics Professor

Aihud Pevsner, JHU Physics Professor

Henry (Hank) Crosswhite, JHU Physicist

John Mauchly

Eisenhower Library records.

Sculptor : Professor William G. Fastie

A Big Day at Space Telescope and at Johns Hopkins!

From Henry Rowland, to WMAP, in the lobby of the Bloomberg Center.

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