2011 August 4 — Visit to Baltimore by Mark Kelly and STS-134 Crew members

Hosted by Maryland Space Grant Consortium

2020 Arizona Senator ! Mark Kelly

Dick Henry (Director, MDSGC) opened the celebration, regaling the audience with brief tales of Sputnik, Apollo 11, Apollo 17 (including the fun of eating Chinese food in the famous Mission Control, during Apollo 17's final sleep on the way home!), and of participating in Arthur Davidsen's Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope on two (brown circles) Space Shuttle missions. And Dick introduced:

Mirelle Patrey, who described to the audience her work as a Co-Principal Investigator for a zebra fish experiment aboard STS-134, the next-to-final Shuttle Mission, commanded by Mark Kelly! Mirelle's experiment was supported by Maryland Space Grant Consortium.

Diane DeTroye, manager of NASA's National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program, participates with Dick Henry and Dr. Rita Mahon in a conversation with Expedition 26's Astronaut Cady Coleman in the Space Grant Library of Maryland Space Grant Consortium.

Astronaut Cady Coleman inspires our youth, while NASA's Glenn Posey makes it all happen!

Astronauts Roberto Vittori, Mike Fincke, and Cady Coleman love answering audience questions!

The Maryland Space Grant Consortium reception, after the presentations, allowed students to chat with the astronauts! The antique telescope dates from the founding of Johns Hopkins in 1867, and was aquired by our first astronomer, Simon Newcomb.

Shuttle pilot Greg Johnson, NASA's Joshua Buck, and Maryland Space Grant's Terry Teays ...
check it all out, on the internet.

Our astronauts look back on a glorious past, now gone forever!

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