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Father Henry biography           |           Compilation by Mrs. Mildred E. Fletcher

parents →     James Orrin Henry     and     Adalaide C. Hall

siblings →     Franklin L. Henry     and     Marshall S. Henry     and     Herbert Wayland Henry

      Edwin Mowat Henry      

1858 June 21      -       1937 January 5

There passed away Tuesday night, January 5th, at his home in the 79th year of his age, Edwin Mowat Henry, eldest son of the late James Orrin Henry and Adelaide C. Hall and grandson of Elder Thomas Henry, widely-known pioneer minister of this place the late Mr. Henry had his educational training at the public and high schools of Oshawa and matriculated at the University of Toronto. He studied law for a time and, about the year 1888, he began with his fathr and his brother, Dr. F. L. Henry, the business of buying and exporting apples to England and the continent. This business was carried on until the year 1912, when Mr. Henry retired. He was one of the early members of the Thirty Club of Oshawa, a staunch Liberal and an important and well-known citizen of Oshawa.

The family home was at 130 King Street East, Oshawa, Ontario.

married →       Mabel Louise Mackie     date of marriage →     1899 January 7

Edwin Mackie Henry QC     and     Eric Randolph Henry     and     Miriam Adelaide Henry

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