In celebration of the first humans walking on the Moon, some 40 years ago!

Above: The launch of Apollo 11. (All photos below were taken during the Apollo 17 mission.)

Richard Conn Henry recalls, "I was walking along Bloor Street in Toronto, as a beginning undergraduate, when I bought a newspaper and learned that Sputnik had been launched. I was on a plane, my first visit to South America, and remember looking out the window at the Moon and thinking that, for the first time, men were on their way to the Moon --- Apollo 8. So, when I knew that men would walk on the Moon for the first time, by gum, I decided to be there, and at my own expense bought a ticket to Florida and I still in my mind's eye see that beautiful plume of white against a cloudless sky as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins headed for the Moon. I was at Professor Paul Feldman's house in Baltimore when we heard, live, on the radio "the Eagle has landed." I was at a colleague's apartment in Virginia when Armstrong said 'one small step.' My mother was born before the Wright Brothers flew, and she lived to see men walking on the Moon. Glory, glory, glory! And, thanks to Professor Bill Fastie of The Johns Hopkins University, I got to personally become a principal investigator in the United States Lunar Program and to be a Co-Investigator (with Professor Paul Feldman) in the Johns Hopkins ultraviolet experiment on Apollo 17. We even got to eat Chinese food in the famous control room, as the three astronauts slept their final sleep in space on their way home!"

The late William G. Fastie, PI for UV spectrometer, Apollo 17 mission, with Co-I Dick Henry.

Bill Fastie discovers that the Moon ... has NO atmosphere!

Co-I Paul Feldman explains the latest computer output to Bill.

Dick Henry is mesmerized by the first POCKET CALCULATOR: it seemed like a miracle!

Who took this picture of Dick Henry contemplating the Moon during the mission? HE did!

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