... kindest thanks to Harry Shipman and Norm Ness,
for directing my attention toward these two remarkable collections of art:

The Paul Jones Collection of art by African Americans (Newark, Delaware)


The Barnes Foundation: French Impressionist art, currently in Merion, PA....

Hint: to visit the Barnes Foundation from the south (e.g. Baltimore): Go up 95 (when it splits, and then rejoins, be sure to take the 495 option, not the 95 option, which is just local traffic);

then take 476 toward Plymouth Meeting (right lane is "exit only" for this; very convenient);

then take historic US 1 North (sign is not very conspicuous!). Go north on US 1. If you get to 76, you've gone much too far!

How to avoid that dismal fate: you are looking for Raynham Road, which is almost invisible, BUT ... is also 59th street, so, by observing and counting down streets, you can't miss it. Go left on Raynham to Latch's Lane, and turn right. Continue until you arrive at:

300 N Latch's LN
Merion, PA 19066

(You MUST have a reservation: please see their web site)

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