The Henry Foundation, Inc.

.. is named in honor of York pioneer Rev. Thomas Henry ,
whose family tree we sponsor.
The Henry Foundation is a 501(c)(3) incorporated in the State of Maryland.


From 2020 February 24 to 28, President Henry attended the annual NASA Space Grant meeting in northern Virginia. This year, rather than the US Federal Government paying Henry's travel cost as in all previous years, that cost was paid by The Henry Foundation, Inc.

President Henry continued, over 2019, his expanded education and outreach activity, including:

a) 2019 September: attended IAU Symposium 338 (MIT6: Interstellar Probe): working toward getting critical data from NASA's New Horizons mission.

b) 2019 June: attended the Dr. Vera Rubin symposium

c) 2019 January: attended the Seattle American Astronomical Society meeting, to spread the word!

The Henry Foundation, starting in 2019 January, redirected its focus to, henceforth, concentrate on scientific research and outreach, rather than providing student support.

Summer of 2018, our Foundation once again assisted in the support of students carrying out research at the Applied Physics Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins University.

The Henry Foundation has begun a campaign for popular physics education outreach:

        ... we presented The Physics of our Universe at Multifrequency Sicily

        ... we presented Ultraviolet Background Radiation from Beyond Pluto at Multifrequency Sicily

        ... we provided a "full-cost-assist" to Maryland Space Grant Consortium for its education poster presentation at IAU Symposium 338

The Henry Foundation works with Johns Hopkins Professor Steve Hanke to promote calendar reform.

Summer of 2017, our Foundation again assisted in the support of students carrying out research at the Applied Physics Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins University.

SENIOR FELLOWS appointed. The Henry Foundation conducts scientific work through its officers and its Senior Fellows.

2010 - We thank BD Diagnostics for continuing support for Robotics programs in greater Baltimore area schools.

John Mather Nobel Scholars - 2010

    The Mather Nobel Scholars visit the Space Telescope Science Institute, 2010 !

John Mather Nobel Scholars - 2009

2008 Nov 07: We have received a contribution of $5,000 from BD Diagnostics for Robotics programs in greater Baltimore area schools.

2008 Jul 25: We have received a contribution of $3,150 from The TIME Center for FIRST Robotics (Off Season) Competition.

The first John Mather Nobel Scholars have been selected!
    Read the Press Release !
        See the Pictures !

The Henry Foundation works primarily toward strengthening the training of the workforce of the United States.

To this end, we work with private companies, other Foundations,
and agencies of the US government, on a cooperative basis.

The Henry Foundation also works to grow the world economy
through our support of Calendar Reform.

The Henry Foundation is deeply interested in improving the understanding of physics,
as brought out on President Henry's web page. We have also published an electronic edition of Eddington's great book, The Nature of the Physical World.

While we are a public charitable foundation, we have our origins in NASA's National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program.

If you should wish to contribute to the educational work of The Henry Foundation,
simply mail a check (payable to the The Henry Foundation, Inc.)
to the foundation at 12515 Meadowood Drive, Silver Spring MD 20904.
We will mail you a receipt for tax purposes.
We ALSO strongly encourage contributions to the Soffen Memorial Fund.


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