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We express our profoundest thanks,
to Chris Martin, and to Susan Neff, and to the entire Cal Tech and NASA GALEX Project team.

GALEX Diffuse UV Background


from Dick Henry, Jayant Murthy, Luciana Bianchi, and P Shalima and NV Sujatha

This site is presented, at the moment, as a "GALEX results and demonstration" site, with emphasis on future plans. The goal is to transform this site, over the next 18 months, into a site for general access to large amounts of GALEX deep imaging diffuse background radiation observations.


Below, we compare the Far-Ultraviolet and Near-Ultraviolet diffuse UV backgrounds that we observe at the single program target for which we have received both FUV and NUV data. Note the complete lack of correlation between the two pictures. Our hypothesis (which we hope to prove — or to disprove!) is that this is radiation from the intergalactic medium.

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