Maryland Space Grant Consortium Balloon Launch

Clear Spring, MD, 2009 Nov 21

From Mary Bowden:

Near-Space Flight #25 (NS-25) was released at 8:20am on Saturday 11/21/09, from Clear Spring, MD, and traveled to an altitude over 83,000 ft before the balloon burst. The parachute and payloads landed as predicted around 10am on the outskirts of York, PA, in a soybean field. OK, so we didn't predict the soybean field, but overall the flight predictions were remarkably good, and the recovery was again surprisingly easy!

This flight included 6 freshman payloads from the ENAE100 class at UMCP and 1 payload from Morgan State, in addition to the command and data modules. And, we actually had an extra payload ready to go from Morgan that could not be included because of insufficient weight margin (FAA rules not ours!). This payload is now manifested for our first spring launch which will likely be in early March. Preliminary indications are that we have good pictures from the on-board cameras, and video of the first 11 minutes flight, in addition to thermal data.

One great feature of this launch was significant participation from all schools, including 20 students, 2 faculty, and 2 kids from UMCP; over half a dozen students, a faculty member and his 2 kids from Morgan State university; 3 individuals from Shepherd University in W. VA; a representative (Janice Riley) from Ade Oni's company, Owen Software; and of course, our fearless leaders of Maryland Space Grant and their intrepid wives!

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