First, read The Mental Universe

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The notion that starlight is "out there," and "is on its way," is wrong. By experiment!

Light from the distant Quasar can reach us by either of two different paths, each path bent by the gravitational attraction of the Cluster of Galaxies.

Think of the dashes as individual "photons"...
... except that actually, the brightness is so low that there would be only (at most) ONE "photon" inside the apparatus at a time.
(Photons "go" at 186,000 miles per second, but the apparatus is just a foot or two in size and the clicks come, randomly, only every few seconds!)

This experiment demonstrates that "photons" is merely a notion of convenience: the experiment proves that
there actually ARE no photons: and that applies also to electrons (by similar experiment), and hence to people, as well!

Arthur Stanley Eddington and Sir James Jeans both realized what this means:
that there is no physical universe: it is all in our minds.
Sadly, Albert Einstein was utterly unable to accept this.

Dick Henry does accept this; and indeed, he accepts it gladly!

Hey, do you reject it?     Well, if so, with what do you replace it?     Remember, Albert Einstein tried, and he failed.

And yet, remarkably, Einstein himself actually predicted it!

Here is Einstein's simple (just high school algebra and geometry), and accurately verified,




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